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Company Profile

The owner of the company has established Alba Business Group plc in 1998 G.C, mainly engaged in the Aluminum assembly industry owning its own Aluminum Assembly Plant. The owner had also been engaged in importing heavy duty trucks and in fluid freight transport service business before establishing Alba Business Group Plc.
The diversification and business development strategy itself clearly indicates the entrepreneurial qualities and competences of the owner and management team. The diversification strategy has successfully paid back in all subsidiaries. As part of the company's diversification and business development strategy; Peniel Industry plc crown cork manufacturing factory is established in 2014 G.C with paid up capital of Birr 22 million around Lebu Industry Zone.

Our company Objectives

  • To manufacture crown caps from TFS/Tin Plate used for Food Grade packaging.
  • Meet special quality requirements of the international brewery, Mineral and Soft drink factories.
  • By filling the Demand - supply Gap of the country's demand for crown caps, substitutes imported crown caps.
  • Make profit by producing quality crown caps.


  • Make the company one of the leading crown cork manufacturer in the county.
  • By expanding, implementing quality and food safety management systems and incorporating latest crown cork manufacturing machineries, fulfill the domestic demand of crown caps both in quality and quantity.

Mission Statement

  • To manufacture different Brands of crown caps from Tin Free Steel Sheets or Tin Plates with high quality, enough quantity and competitive price to customers mainly beverage industries.
  • Challenge the market competition both from local and foreign competitors become leading in bottle closure market and be profitable to satisfy the interests of the owners, workers and the public at large.


We, the company's management and employee are committed to produce consistent and quality food grade crown corks by desperately using our skill and ability in crown cork technology; and incorporating new crown cork technologies that will ever innovated and upgrading our skill in the business.

Our Major Quality standards are

  • Our standard and test for height is 6 +/- 0.07mm
  • Our Standard and test for Diameter is 32.1 +/- 0.2mm
  • Our standard and test for rust is No rust in 3 minutes in corrosive solution(70% water, 20% CUSO4.5H2O & 10% HCL)
  • Our standard and test for Abrasion is ?11mg for two color realted to international standard which is ? 25mg for two color

Our Product

We produce short crown caps as per below specifications:

  • Base Metal - ETPS/TFS
  • Base Metal Thickness - 0.220 +/- 0.005mm
  • Crown Size - 26mm pry-off Short Crown Closure, 21 Corrugations
  • Crown Height - 6.00 +/- 0.07mm
  • Crown External Diameter - 32.1 +/- 0.2mm
  • Liner Material - Granulated PVC-Free polymer(solid)
  • Liner Profile - Sacmi 916
  • Food Contact - EU and FDA complaint, suitable for Use on aqueous, acid, alcohol content Beverages, pasteurization resistant
  • Print Color - Based on our clients art work.

Meet with our Team

Bertukan Abebe


Amare Beshah

General Manager

Getachew Muchie

Deputy General Manager

Anteneh Abebe

Factory Head